Italian Bridal Porrati Collection Designed by Roberta Porrati

Designed by Roberta Porrati in the 1990’s for women who aspire to glamour, the Bridal Porrati collection brings a sense of eternal love and devotion to those who wear them.  Women identify with the elegance and femininity of the entire Porrati collection, and Bridal Porrati brings an even higher level of devotion.

Diamonds and Gold


Porrati, Firenze Collection, 14K White Gold Bridal Semi Mount, 1/3 ctw.

Firenze, with the exquisite diamonds set in 14k gold bring thoughts of colorful blooms and ancient statues reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance, while Roma’s intricate design celebrates the eternity of love, much like the eternal city of Rome.  Round, brilliant diamonds bring to mind hidden gems with the Genova set.  Milano, inspired by the rich history of that city, but with the hint of a modern influence, offers diamonds seet in 14k gold.  Verona brings thoughts of Shakespeare with the beautiful, round diamonds set in gold.  Lecce, like the “Hidden Pearl of Italy” it is named for is fresh and inviting, with beautiful hand-cut diamonds in 14k gold.  Brilliant round diamonds create Amalfi and bring thoughts of romance.  If it is simplicity you crave, the Venezia is perfect as its unique design brings visions of gondolas floating through Venice, or choose the Positano, a simple design with beautiful diamonds set in 14k gold.

Ruby Red


Porrati, Imperia Collection, 14K White Gold Ruby Bridal Set, 5/8 ctw.

For that special someone who craves color, look no further than the Siena, which brings to mind red poppy fields and picturesque hills.  The beautiful flower design with red ruby petals surrounded by crystal clear diamonds is stunning.  Corniglia brings thoughts of vineyards and Ligurian waters with its rich rubies and brilliant round diamonds set in 14k gold.  Imperia, like the city it is named for, brings thoughts of colorful blooms with it’s brilliant rubies in a flower formation, surrounded by diamonds.

Blue Sapphires


Porrati, Catania Collection, 14K White Gold Sapphire Engagement Ring, 3/8 ctw.

Blue sapphires surrounded by diamonds bring thoughts of a picnic basket and bottle of wine in the Catania collection, while Palermo’s subtle blue sapphires ripple in the diamonds like the Mediterranean Sea.

Immerse yourself in the history and romance of Italy with Bridal Porrati.  The Bridal Porrati line is available online or at any one of the five locations of Samuels Jewelers.  In addition to the Bridal Porrati collection, customers may purchase from five different brands including Andrews, Rogers, Samuels or Schubach Jewelers, along with Samuels Diamonds.  Find all of the locations where you can buy Bridal Porrati at

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