Tips for a Winter Wedding

While the summer months still tend to be the most popular choices for weddings, the sparkle of January makes it a wonderfully romantic backdrop for a wedding as well; plus, it is often easier to book the venue of your choice during this time of year.  Here are some tips for a Winter wedding to remember forever.

The crisp, clean glitter of freshly fallen snow lends itself to a variety of themes to set the mood for your wedding – Winter Wonderland, and fairy tales such as Snow White are popular choices.  The beginning of a New Year also lends itself to a theme of New Beginnings as you begin your lives together.  Early sunsets and sparkling landscapes make January the perfect time for a formal wedding with a Black and White theme.

Choose colors to complement your theme.  White, black, wine, champagne, burgundy, silver, and gold are all excellent choices, though pastels such as pink or mint are also beautiful in the winter months and add a softer touch to your wedding ambiance.

It might seem like your choices for flowers are limited by the season, but that’s not really the case.  Tulips, Calla Lilies, Carnations, Orchids, and Delphinium abound.  Single long-stemmed red roses can add a dramatic touch of color and romance to a Black and White wedding as well.

The key to making your wedding special during any month of the year is by adding a creative twist.  Consider some of these options.  Make your wedding stand out by taking advantage of the early sunset and having a candle lit service.  Use ice sculptures as center pieces at your reception.  Or, serve snowflakes made of sugar with your wedding cake for dessert.

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One thought on “Tips for a Winter Wedding

  1. I also love winter weddings, so having photographed many over the years can add a few more words of advice to the above.
    1- In the UK at least, it gets darker much earlier – so as the light for photography has usually got past its best by 3.30 – if you want any photos outside, a slightly earlier wedding than the standard 2.00pm is recommended, though it does mean you have to start getting ready earlier too
    2- If you are expected to be outside for photos, make sure you have some practical/warm shoes under your dress (assuming you are the bride that is) and a few additional layers to hand that complement your wedding theme. I often end up giving the bride a special red , lined blanket to act as a cape, when the over-estimate their ability to withstand icy winds and snow
    You can see several very different Winter weddings on our storybook page – including one at the Ice Hotel in Sweden.
    xx Elaine

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