August Birthstones: Peridot & Sardonyx

august birthstone peridot

The August Birthstone is Peridot

Birthday celebrants for the eighth month of the year are fortunate to have two storied and beautiful precious gems to choose from for their birthstones: namely the peridot and the sardonyx.

The former, also known as chrysolite, is August’s primary birthstone and is the more popular one among the two. Peridots are a gem-quality form of of the mineral olivine, which can be found in lava, meteorites, and sand. They come in a wide spectrum of natural green shades such as olive green (with dark olive green being the most valuable color), lime green, and yellow green; which makes it quite easy to mistake the gems for emeralds and other similarly-colored stones.

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Knowing The Best Way To Clean Your Jewelry

Knowing The Best Way To Clean Your JewelryKeeping your jewelry clean is synonymous with keeping your jewelry beautiful, and simple exposure to air and moisture can cause your jewelry to lose the luster and shine that you loved so much when you purchased each piece. At Samuels Jewelers, we know the importance of keeping your jewelry clean and beautiful, and we want to teach you how to do the same!

Silver is an easy metal to clean, which comes in handy since it’s also an easy metal to tarnish. For daily silver care, it’s best to take off your silver jewelry and wash it with warm water and a mild phosphate-free soap or detergent every day or on a very regular basis. This method is used to stop tarnishing before it starts, and it can be done in minutes within your own kitchen or bathroom sink. Continue reading

Picking Out Your Wedding Jewelry

Picking Out Your Wedding JewelryWedding jewelry, whether engagement rings, wedding bands, or anniversary bands, are some of the most important and sentimental jewelry pieces a person can own. Because these are typically pieces that will be worn each day for many years, it’s important to consider a few factors when choosing your wedding jewelry to ensure they will last as long as you’d like them to!

For men, wedding bands are the classic wedding jewelry piece, but a man should consider his lifestyle when choosing the band that may be best for him. Those who work in difficult or hands-on professions may want to opt for a simpler piece rather than one more extravagant, as this will allow him to wear his jewelry without risking damage or discomfort. The thickness of the band, as well as any diamonds or stones that may be set into the piece, should be on the lighter side in order to limit any damage to the ring or the ring getting in the way. Continue reading

Sparkling Memories

Sparkling MemoriesLove and jewelry seem to go hand in hand, and it is fascinating to see the way this correlation evolves throughout life. Some gestures are as simple and sweet as a kindergartener making a macaroni necklace for mom, or grade school crushes exchanging friendship bracelets. As people mature, this association of showing love with some form of jewelry continues, although the styles will generally change. Continue reading

Top 3 Wedding Proposal YouTube Viral Videos

Engagement RingsAccording to the lastest report by the American Express Spending & Saving Tracker, an estimated 6 million people will get engaged each year on Feb. 14, up from 4 million last year. An estimated 14 million people will be engaged sometime this year.

The study reported that 30 percent of consumers named a weekend getaway or vacation as the best setting to pop the question, while a romantic proposal at home took second place (19 percent).

Here are some of the most watched proposals to hit YouTube in the past few years.

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Colors That Delight And Define

Colors That Delight And Define Even a hint of color against an otherwise neutral fashion palette can add a spark of originality and convey personality. Some women will do this with a silk scarf tucked into the collar of their suit jacket, or even a pair of bright heels peeking out from the cuff of their slacks. Many women will use jewelry for this hint of pizzazz, especially in professional environments such as the office or corporate gala events. Continue reading

Mixing And Matching Jewelry the Right Way

Mixing And MatchingCreating the right look can be a combination of having good foundation pieces and an eye for correlating styles and textures. For many women, this can expand wardrobe potential, even if there are a select amount of favorite garments to choose from. When it comes to accessorizing, it can be easy to end up with a vast collection of different pieces, so that the variety adds to the look. This can also lead to a plethora of different rings for different occasions. Continue reading

A Sense Of Empowerment And A Touch Of Style

A Sense Of Empowerment And A Touch Of StyleJewelry can often serve a dual function for women, which includes both physical embellishment and emotional attachment. Rings can be a way to visually communicate with others about personal style, individual aesthetics, and even unique life histories. While some pieces may be reserved for special occasions or to complement a specific outfit, everyday rings will often include a psychological connection.

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